• Thu. Nov 26th, 2020


FX068.COM 于2020年6月28号推出。









About us

FX068.COM was launched in 06/28/2020.

‘FX068’ is a platform for sharing information in foreign exchange trading industry.
‘FX068’ is just to commercialize and standardize industry information. It’s not a government agency designated activity website. We don’t play the role of government authority.

It is believed that in the near future, the project will occupy a dominant position in the foreign exchange market.

Now we are very proud to say that FX068 is the leading website in the domestic foreign exchange promotion website!

What sets us apart is the commitment we can make to provide up-to-date information on foreign exchange bonuses, promotions, competitions and other offers instantly.

If your company has a promotional campaign, this is a great opportunity to get the most attention and coverage from the promotion!

Examples of feedback we often receive: “we have thousands of traders who have applied for a welcome bonus of $* * in the past day…”

If you are a trader, it is a one-stop service to get the best foreign exchange bonus!